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Kickstarter Campaign for Dusty Revenge: The Art of Revenge Underway



Singaporean based video game developer PD Design Studio, the developers of Dusty Revenge have recently launched a brand new Kickstarter campaign for an artbook “Dusty Revenge: The Art of Revenge” which coming in at 150 pages is set to detail the long process of sketching characters, levels, story and even full colour comics.

But as with most Kickstarter campaigns, its future is not yet 100% certain and they are after fans to pledge $12,000 with a number of tiers for those who do (From postcards and PDF versions of the book to print copies with the game all the way up to commissioned artwork for $300). Currently with 19 days to go they have only reached $2,352 of their goal, so if this interests you consider looking into it further.

With the game set to come out in a few months time, they say there won’t be too long a wait to get the game and artbook out to those who pledge.

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