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Cosplay OzAnimart Release New Update Bushiroad Titles



As they do every month (or in this case, opposite end of the month), official Bushiroad distributor for Australia Cosplay OzAnimart have released a brand new newsletter – bringing with it both news and an updated release schedule. Unfortunately in terms of news it was pretty short this month, namely in regards to the release of Extra Booster 01 (EB-01) Vanguard set for release on the 29th March 2013 with sneak preview events across the country now done and dusted.

What is in EB-01?
Clans that you can find are “Nova Grappler”, “Pale Moon”, “Megacolony”, “Oracle Think Tank”, “Murakumo”, “Kagero”, “Royal Paladin”, “Tachikaze” and “Spike Brothers”! With these you can bring a new power to your decks.

Each booster box will also include a PR card of “Exculpate the Blaster”, but this is only for the first print releases. If you want this powerful Royal Paladin, you better be quick!

In addition, they have released the following release schedule for both Cardfight!! Vanguard (English / Japanese) and Weiss Schwarz.

Cardfight!! Vanguard English 
Out Now: VGE-BT05 – Awakening of Twin Blades Booster Set
29th March 2013: VGE-EB01 – Comic Styles Vol.01 Extra Booster Set
19th April 2013: VGE-TD07 – Descendants of the Marine Emperor Trial Deck
3rd May 2013: VGE-BT08 – Blue Storm Armada Booster Set
28th June 2013: VGE-BT09 – Clash of the Knights & Dragons Booster Set
26th July 2013: VGE-EB06 – Dazzling Divas Extra Booster Set

Cardfight!! Vanguard Japanese 

Out Now: VG-EB06 – Dazzling Divas Extra Booster Set
27th April 2013: VG-BT11 – Seal Dragons Unleashed Booster Set

Weiss Schwarz
Out Now: Hatsune Miku -Project Diva- f Trial Deck
30th March 2013: Hatsune Miku -Project Diva- f Booster Set
13th April 2013: Love Live Trial Deck
13th April 2013: Vividred Operation Trial Deck
29th June 2013: Vividred Operation Booster Set
27th July 2013: Love Live Booster Set

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