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A New Keiji Inafune Means a New Mugen Souls Game – Mugen Souls Z Announced


mugenart 3 Mugen Souls   Review
Artwork from the original Mugen Souls release

As part of a Christmas Day announcement, Compile Heart opened a teaser website page with a trailer promoting a new “Keiji Inafune”, which just like the “New Keiji Inafune” with Mugen Souls is not Keiji Inafune from Comcept. For more information on the initial teaser trailer release – read my past article “Compile Heart’s Christmas Announcement Led to a Teaser Trailer, More Information to be Unveiled on Title in a Few Days“.

More information has now been released n the game, with Dengeki Playstation confirming this title is Mugen Souls Z – being directed by Kenta Sugano with Keiji “Shooting Star” Inafune as producer. In this game you play as a new character who is after the title “Undisputed God” named Shirma. You are now not just left to traverse seven worlds named after the kanji representations for the days of the week – but a total of 12 worlds.

Look forward to more information on this title in the upcoming days/weeks/months.

The game is once again set to be exclusive for the Playstation 3 and released in Spring 2013 within Japan. Character designs are to be provided by Nanameda Kei, A-10 and Ryoji, CG design by Katsuyuki Hirano and music by Tenpei Satou.

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