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Latest SimCity Trailer Focuses on Disasters


The SimCity Public Service Pictures presents How to Deal with Disasters.

With many of the Sim City games, while you have been able to build thriving cities and picturesque country towns… you have the ability to cause or otherwise be randomly put up against a number of “disasters” ranging from natural ones such as earthquakes and tornadoes to say…. a UFO attack. The feature is set to return in the next SimCity game.

Electronic Arts and Maxis have recently launched a new trailer that gives a two and a half minute look as to what disasters in this game will entail.

When taking over the mayorship of a city, one must be prepared to resolve a variety of situations like loiters outside of city hall, two donut shops opening next door to each other and how to explain why citizens keep disappearing when those U.F.O.s appear.

Disasters are back and with helpful tips from people like Howard of New Haven, Connecticut, you can learn if bigger is indeed better. Did Howard allocate space for police, fire and health in his megatropolis?

Disaster prevention begins with safety. We offer several tips to ensure the least amount of damage to your city. First, fire stations are your friend. Make sure you have enough fire trucks to protect your city in case of earthquakes, meteor strikes or something more ominous. Second, be sure to tip your hat to your police chief. When disaster strikes, make sure your citizens are adequately protected from the dangerous things that go bump in the night. Lastly, a healthy Sim is a happy Sim even if their home has been swept away by a tornado. Don’t forget to fund your hospitals and be sure you have enough waiting rooms to handle the injured Sims who will come rushing through the door. These basic city service facilities will also help you rebuild after an earthquake, meteor strike, tornado, UFO invasion or another one of the yet-to-be announced disasters touch your city.

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