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[E3 2012 Tech Demo] Agni’s Philosophy: A Real Time Final Fantasy Inspired Tech Demo of Luminous Studio Engine


Tech demos are both fun and at the same time usually end in disappointment. Take a certain Playstation 3 tech demo that featured a remastered version of Final Fantasy VII…. when it turned out they would not be developing the game (As seemingly many do with tech demos) it led to a bit of disappointment around the fanbase. BUT! On the plus side it does show new innovation.

For a while now Square Enix have been developing the┬áLuminous Studio game engine and have teased it several times by comparing rendered visuals with real life pictures and asking the viewer to decide which is real and which is fake. Today Square Enix have released a full-blown tech demo of the engine entitled Agni’s Philosophy, a real time Final Fantasy inspired demo.

Unfortunately I am on a very slow internet connection so I cannot comment on full 1080p visuals, but check it out for yourself!

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