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ATLUS USA Release Gungnir Today


Even with the Playstation Vita on the market, ATLUS USA remains one of the companies dedicated to releasing titles on the portable consoles predecessor (Playstation Portable) which are in demand and without them could very well never see an English localization on the market. Today the company announced that Gungnir, an all-new strategy RPG and latest installment in the Dept Heaven series developed by by Sting is now available as both physical media and through the Playstation Network in North America for the PSP. The digital release should be compatible with the Playstation Vita as well, for those who only recently made the jump to Sony portable gaming.

Tim Pivnicny, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ATLUS USA had this to say:

The Dept Heaven series of RPGs and SRPGs stands as a pillar of innovation and risk-taking, not to mention tremendous visual design in game development. With Gungnir, developer Sting continues their proud tradition of beautifully rendered character sprite work, lush backgrounds, intricate user interface design, and core game mechanics that are accessible for newcomers but endlessly rewarding for experienced players who opt to invest the time necessary for mastering the game’s tactical battles.  Fans of the genre looking for a sweeping narrative, substantial SRPG gameplay, and yet another visually stunning Dept Heaven presentation need not look further!

You can pick this game up for any format at a MSRP of $29.99.

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