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5pb Release Opening Sequence for Corpse Party -The Anthology- Sachiko’s Hysteric Birthday Game of Love 2U


As you may already be aware if you checked out XSEED Games Playstation Portable release of Corpse Party last year that it is a horror game about a group of students who get trapped in the now supernatural halls of Heavenly Host Elementary School – and while there every corner they turn may be their last as they are picked off one by one by ghosts, the spirits of previous students and more.

For the third game on the Playstation Portable, we have what seems to be a more light hearted visual novel style of gameplay with Corpse Party -The Anthology-  Sachiko’s Hysteric Birthday Game of Love 2U. Developers Team GrisGris and publishers 5pb recently released the opening sequence for the game which I have included above. I still have no real idea about what direction they chose to take with this game as I am seeing both dark scenes and fanservice alike.

*Sam is confused*

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