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Trailer for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy’s Second Set of DLC Songs


As I mentioned the other day, Square Enix will be continuing support of their title Theatrhythm Final Fantasy which they released last month exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS by releasing new songs occasionally as paid downloadable content. For the second batch of songs which are due for release, they plan on releasing an ensemble of two field and two battle tracks. These tracks are:

  1. Matoya no Dokutsu – Final Fantasy in Field Stages
  2. Battle 1 from Final Fantasy III in Battle Stages
  3. Archylte Steppe from Final Fantasy XIII in Field Stages
  4. Warera Kitareri from Final Fantasy Type-0 in Battle Stages

The above video is a trailer of the music that will be purchasable from the 8th March 2012. These are only sold as single song sets and I do not believe they are discounts or sets available for them.

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