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Screenshots and Artwork for Persona 4 Arena’s “Timed” Characters


Developed by Arc System Works and Atlus’ Persona Team, Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena (Aka. Persona 4 Arena) was early this month released in arcades around Japan. This is a bit different from every other Persona game and while acting as a sort of sequel to Persona 4, it is a fighting game that includes all the battlers from the main game, along with others from Persona 3/4. The game has a somewhat sizable cast already but Atlus have announced a number of timed characters to be released in April 2012, which include Elizabeth (Igor’s assistant in Persona 3) and Shadow Labrys (A Persona 4 Arena exclusive character).

So far there have been three announced timed characters – Elizabeth and both normal and shadow versions of Labrys, which have been showcased in this recent batch of screenshots below. Just for the record, Labrys’ Persona is named Ariadne, Shadow Labrys’ is Asterios and Elizabeth’s is Thanatos:

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