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In Kid Icarus on the Nintendo 3DS…. More Intensity = Greater Difficulty


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In the latest trailer for the upcoming Kid Icarus: Uprising game for the Nintendo 3DS, they showcase the games unique difficulty system. Difficulty is controlled by a new Intensity system, where an Intensity of 2.0 might have a couple of enemies on the screen while an Intensity of 9.0 will have them all flocking to attack you. As you collect hearts while you are playing the levels, the enemies will become progressively harder and will flock to you in greater numbers. This might seem like a punishment for doing well, but you seem to have pretty good control over how this works and of course doing so will grant you access to some high quality equipment and items to make your character even stronger.

For example:

If you are on Intensity Level 9.0, you can unlock a weapon entitled “First Blade”. This weapon has 4 star range, 3 1/2 star Melee, a greater value and a whole bunch of bonus stats. On the other hand just remaining on Intensity Level 2.0, you can unlock the same weapon, but with no bonus stats and a 1/2 star score for ranged.

In Kid Icarus on the Nintendo 3DS.... More Intensity = Greater Difficulty 2
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