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Final Fantasy XIII-2: New Trailer is Very Moogle-y


When playing the demo of the game at the EB Games Expo last year, one of the elements that stood out to me was the inclusion of a Moogle which tags along with Noel and Serah during their journey. The primary purpose of it in the demo was to both add a bit of innocent dialogue while running around the environment and the Mog Clock, which when activated will allow you to start battles with stat bonuses while if it ran out – also resulted in the battles difficulty suddenly having a challenge spike. This trailer, entitled “The Moogle” looks at not only the Mog Clock but also the moogles other abilities at finding rare items and accessing items through longer distances bu using the  “Moogle Throw”. In the end, this trailer is all about Gettin’ to Know Moogle!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is due for release next month by Square Enix or Namco Bandai Partners depending on where you reside.

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