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Push~ Push~ Push~ The Katamari… Gently Down The Stream~


As what is now a launch title for the Playstation Vita in both Japan and internationally, we can start getting excited knowing we can pick up  Katamari Damacy Novita the day we pick up our Vita consoles. As such, Namco Bandai in Japan recently unveiled a number of new screenshots for the game for the usual in-game rolling, and showcasing environments including the normal towns to a snow resort which has you building a snowman. The last several screenshots in this batch detail some DLC content which are either pay or earn depending on how you look at things.

There have currently been two downloadable missions announced for launch, one which requires you having to build a snowman in a snow resort up to 4m and a mission that you collecting as much expensive stuff as possible in five minutes. These are part of Namco’s Pay or Earn system. Throughout the levels you can unlock Fan Souls, in which ten of them will allow you to unlock one stage… however for those who do not want to do so, they can purchase fan souls for 50 yen each with buying in bulk slightly reducing the cost.

You will also notice some “Dress Up the King” screenshots. Using Playstation Near, a new service available on the Vita, you can exchange records with others, and beating records allow you to unlock candy which can be traded in for some fancy costumes for everyones favourite King of the World!

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