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Sonic Generations to Receive Collectors Edition in PAL Regions


Sonic Generations to Receive Collectors Edition in PAL Regions 1

The 20th anniversary for any game series is no doubt special, and SEGA Europe have decided to do something special with their upcoming title Sonic Generations – which features a number of the best levels and stages in the previous games which have been given the HD remake and both sidescrolling (Classic) and 3D platforming (Modern) modes. The Collectors Edition which is pictured above has some nice contents which include:

  • Either a PS3 or XBox360 version of Sonic Generations
  • Classic and Modern Sonic Collectable Figure
  • Individually numbered Gold Ring
  • 20 Years of Sonic Artbook
  • 20th Anniversary Sonic Soundtrack
  • History of Sonic: Birth of an Icon Documentary
  • Limited Edition Lenticular Packaging
  • Additional DLC Content
Depending on the price, I think this is very generous for a Collectors Edition and should no doubt appeal to fans of the series. Sonic Generations is due out on the 3rd of November on both Playstation 3 and XBox360 gaming consoles and will later be released for the Nintendo 3DS….. and yes, this Collectors Edition will be released in Australia alongside Europe.

Sonic Generations to Receive Collectors Edition in PAL Regions 3
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  1. Awesome, I love the old school Sonic games for Sega Game Gear/Genesis and some of the GameCube ones. I kinda lost interest with the new style of Sonic games on later consoles. But this collector’s edition looks really nice. Too bad I only have a Wii and DSi though =/

    • I must admit, the last couple of Sonic games, especially on the PS3, Wii, XBox360 have been slightly disappointing to me as well. I have had Sonic Unleashed practically since I bought my PS3 and still haven’t even finished it half-way, whilst even games such as Sonic Adventure 2 were more fun to play and seemed to keep me hooked through both storylines in it.

      That kind of sucks however that you don’t have a console Sonic Generations will be on. Sort of surprising since most Sonic games go on the Wii as well as the other two major consoles.

  2. Everytime Sega puts out a new Sonic game i treat it as if its their last chance to save the franchise. lol
    But this new concept of bringing the new 3D and classic Sonic together has made me more interested than i’ve been since Sonic Adventure 2 for dreamcast.

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