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Persona 3 Portable to be Released Alongside Other Titles on the Playstation Network Store in Australia


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The following statement was made on the GhostLight Blog wall by Ross Brierley:

Secondly we have some news for all our Australian fans out there.  As Daren mentioned in the comments of the last blog, Persona 3 Portable will be released on PSN in Australia soon with more of our PSP products to follow.  While we do not currently have a distributor in Australia all our boxed products are available for purchase directly from theGhostlight Store.

While last month Ghostlight did announce they were going to be doing a PAL release of Persona 3 Portable on the Playstation Network (Following on from their UMD Physical release), Australia was unfortunately not included in this. However it seems like they have staked out Australia as a potential market, so hopefully we will be seeing more titles from them in the future on the PSP. Of course, if you choose not to wait – there is nothing preventing you from purchasing a physical copy from their WEBSITE.

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