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Catherine Wants to Travel (To PAL Regions?)!!


Catherine Wants to Travel (To PAL Regions?)!! 1

If you have been avoiding the ATLUS USA twitter feed or have passed on gaming websites the last day or so, you would have missed out on this little gem posted on the ATLUS twitter feed. Apparently Catherine is currently preparing her passport, which could quite possibly mean that they have found a PAL region distributor, which means those with an XBox360 only will be able to play the game in their region (PS3 gamers dont need to worry so much… no region lock and all that). I put forth my ideas a few months back in one of my “The Otaku’s Gaming Studies” that GHOSTLIGHT (Several Shin Megami Tensei games including P3P) have hinted at their interest in releasing the game series however ATLUS games have been released through a number of distributors for many years now so it is anyone’s guess.

However, there is another idea that I think could go well with the passport theme. Just like the novelty Pikachu planes they had in Japan many a year ago, they could decorate several planes with a Catherine motif…. hey it could happen?

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