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Sony: White Knight Chronicles 2 Promotion + E3 Home Updates


Sony: White Knight Chronicles 2 Promotion + E3 Home Updates 1

For those who are not aware, the sequel to White Knight Chronicles, titled, White Knight Chronicles 2, is due out in Australia and other PAL regions by the 9th of June. Therefore, SCEE and their Australian branch have released White Knight Chronicles promotion rooms in PlayStation Home, their first Home release since the Playstation Network went down back in April. It has an appropriate theme for the room and is filled with pictures from the game and trailers for both White Knight Chronicles 2 on the Playstation 3, and White Knight Chronicles: Origins for the Playstation Portable. What is more interesting is that you can obtain a costume of the Red Knight (The White Knight was released as a platinum award for WKC1) which is surprisingly detailed, only let down by slight scaling issues. Head in there in the next few days and you are bound to see many people dancing in it. How to obtain one? Answer a bunch of questions about the game such as Where WKC:Origins takes place, and the name of the princess in WKC1.

Sony: White Knight Chronicles 2 Promotion + E3 Home Updates 2

Whilst not released to English Home’s yet, Sony seems to have decided to do what they did last year and release special E3 Themed rooms on Playstation Home. Whilst the actual Gaming Floor isn’t open yet, the Japanese server’s live streaming cinema is currently open and screening some preview trailers. I will be interested to see if this makes its way to other Home’s and how well they will implement it. At least the benefit of the Sony Keynote is that it will actually be at a reasonable hour in Australia, according the XBox Australia’s Facebook Wall, their one will be held at 2:30AM…. But all the keynotes shall be promising!

Will the E3 Expo get a special themed Playstation Home room as well? I wonder~ I wonder~

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