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As I am only half-way through the next “The Otaku’s Gaming Study”, I thought I would share some of the new Catherine images. Sick and tired of seeing images of The Stray Sheep and the characters drinking and socializing each other when the actual gameplay takes place in Vincent’s delusional dream world? Then be tired no more! ATLUS has just released eight new screenshots featuring more gameplay-oriented screenshots, especially around everyone’s, or to be everyones favorite characters, the Sheep-kun’s.

At the moment, there seems to be two benefits of the Sheep, as the instructor of the game to teach you how to navigate the puzzle towers, and to capitalize off your misfortune and sell you items to help you get through the levels quicker. If neither of these tickle your fancy, they also appear in the background of the levels, struggling to climb up similar towers to what you are climbing. Will these goats help you with your love, or will they lead you to a Love is Over scenario? Will be interesting to see.

A few quick other things, whilst this has not had an official PAL region announcement yet, there are some hints to indicate that Ghostlight, who have brought other ATLUS games to European and Oceanic regions may be bringing this over, after a fan survey placed this game at the top of their to release list. As well, do not forget that this game is being released next month, and that if you want to get a Collectors Edition featuring the pizza box, boxer shorts, shirt etc, then you should get your order in ASAP else you may miss out on the chance to own the set.

Anyway, I will have more in the next “The Otaku’s Gaming Study” being released in the next day or so..

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