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Happy Days for Edge’s Everywhere? + More


As some of you may know, I have been casually following a game company called Edge Games and its owner Tim Langdell and been intrigued by the whole debate over the use of their trademark “Edge”, which as you may know, is just a common word from the dictionary and has been used in a variety of other games by other companies, which seems to have been getting on the nerves of this so called [Trademark Troll]. Well to cut things short, he tried to sue EA Games over their popular and reknown game Mirror’s Edge (Looks over to the unopened PC copy on bookshelf) and as it goes…. he failed. Now, to add salt to the wounds, it is claimed that he could face criminal charges for his actions. This sounds like it might be possible in the near future, for games that have been “under license by Edge Games” and removed from distribution entirely to get a second chance back on the marketplace. Regardless, I must say, congratulations to EA GAMES! My desire is to see that all good games and heck, any game makes it to the market, I am sure many gamers do not give a crap about trivial little issues like this.

Also apparently, the court used  the word “Trolling” in their statement…. I applaud that!

In other news, on the Nippon Ichi Software forums, there has been a continous stream of requests for both Super Dimensional Game Neptune and Umineko no Naku Koro ni PS3. These are but a few of the games being requested so I urge you to check out their Games Requests board to check out the ones people are wishing for, user input counts! Personally, I would also like to see Prinny 2 (PSP) being released, as it is well overdue, that and Princess Antiphona’s Hymn: Angel’s Score Op.A *Breathe*, but hey, any game will go good. On the note of NISA, my copy of Atelier Rorona has just been sent by Play-Asia and I should get into it soon! For Aussie gamers, check out here for information on when you can get your hands on it as well in your local stores.

Finally, I have been looking at things I want to review, since I have been very busy lately and any spare time I spend is either sleeping, studying or gaming, however I will try to release a review of Dead Rising 2 tomorrow night.

Have a good day/night all!

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    • I had a voucher and a little bit of credit, so it worked out a little bit cheaper (As well, the price seems to have increased by something like 8-10 dollars US over the last few days….. I would advise everyone in Australia to purchase locally through, according to the EB Games website, it has been delayed until the 28th of October unfortunately, but yea, it will save a lot of hassle.


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