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Can’t find a copy of Cross Edge?


Can't find a copy of Cross Edge? 1

Can’t find a copy of Cross Edge in your local games stores? Well, Play-Asia is selling copies of the game for $US 34.90 (At the current rate, $AUD 39.17). Not sure if this is a good deal or not, but in comparison to game prices over here, it is pretty good. Regardless of the current situation, I do hope that people who want to play the game, manage to play it.

Note that this is apparently a limited time $20 off special.

Price: US$ 34.90 (~39.17 AUD)
Limited time offer – Secure yours now before the offer expires!

Link: Click Here

and this shall hopefully be the last post in this game until hopefully some good news.

Can't find a copy of Cross Edge? 4
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