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NISA Suggests they MIGHT be getting Super Dimensional Game Neptune


NISA Suggests they MIGHT be getting Super Dimensional Game Neptune 1

Planets Aligning For Overseas Release Of Neptune
By Spencer . June 16, 2010 . 4:46pm

image We’ve mentioned Compile Heart’s game about the game industry, Super Dimension Game Neptune, several times. It’s the game with moe-ified video game company mascots where console goddess fight the evil Majicon, the Japanese term for Nintendo DS flash carts.

Neptune was not at E3 since it has not been announced for any region other than Japan. But, I’d hold off on importing the PlayStation 3 game. Chances are good that Neptune will be localized. During an interview with Haru Akenaga, President of NIS America, I asked him about Neptune.

“All I can say now is Idea Factory asked us to localize the game for the US and Europe. We are eager to do that. We are in discussion about the conditions for licensing the title,” Akenaga replied. “The deal is almost done.”

Article Source: Siliconera

Image Source: Official Site

If this is true, then this is one huge big success for Nippon Ichi Software America. This game could honestly bring hordes of people who are not familiar in them to buy this game, love it, and then purchase more of their products (Which are equally as good), which will no doubt end in more $$ to release more great games, which shall then cause a big loop of ultimate success!

Thanks to Siliconera for bringing this news! Definately a game site to watch for all the updates on the latest NISA games. Honestly, I could see this being announced at their press event which is coming up very soon! Something to keep an eye out on.

On another note, my E3 Summaries and Review article shall be up soon, havent had time to watch the conference videos.

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