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[Prius Online] Checking it out….


[Prius Online] Checking it out.... 1

Before anyone asks, no, this game has nothing to do with the Toyota Prius, a car which if you do a google search on this game, will most probably appear above any reference to this game. Anyway, this has been out for a short period of time in Korea and Japan and a few months back I tried to play the game only to get knocked back by an IP block, which seems to be standard for more and more Japanese online games unfortunately.

Anyway after hearing the news about two parents choosing to raise a virtual child over their real life child I remembered this game and decided to see if it was out, and to my pleasure whilst not being released in English, has made it to the TW region. Now whilst this will not take over any of my time for Dragonica or Granado Espada, I do think this shall be another game for me to check out whilst waiting for a new update or to take a break, and I am already glad to have found a really supportive english guild ingame, so I am not going into it blind.

If you are interested then please read this registration guide: http://www.onrpg.com/boards/152155.html

It has been a while since I have looked into it but if memory serves me right, it is from the same developers that brought us Granado Espada!

So yes, keep an eye out for a review for this soon.

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  1. Haha, that is the guild I joined =D Go by the name of Sakutarou ^_^

    Haven’t had much time the last week to play it due to other commitments but it is definitely fun so far 🙂

    • Well the official website for the company says that it will be coming in English in the future…. dunno when unfortunately, but looking forward to the english release myself 😀


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