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[Forum] Jan ~ Apr Community Crew: Who are they?
09 Feb 2010

For a much nicer looking post and images, go to the original source for this content: http://ge.iahgames.com/news/newsArticle.aspx?id=1357

WHO are they?
Community Crew is specially selected players who volunteered to assist TeamGE to handle queries that players may have.

HOW do I become one of them?
You can apply by replying to the recruitment thread, thread is created once every 4 months.

Are they IAHGames staff?
No, they are gamers like you.

WHAT about Player Moderators?
They are an upgraded version of Community Crew whereby they have more abilities to do forum moderation.

Are there any ways I can differentiate them with the rest in the game or in the forums?
Community Crew is equipped with an exclusive wing in the game and also exclusive forum title/color, here’s how they looked like:

In the Forums
Community Crew in Blues, while Player Moderators in Greens and Senior Player Moderators in Reds.

List of Community Crew for Batch Jan ~ Apr 2010


Senior Player Moderator: Sam
Short Introduction of Sam:

The Worboys family from the Rembrandt Server, however known on the forums as Sam. Started working on the forums in August 2007 as a member of the Community Crew, rising to its captain and then finally becoming a member of the Super-Moderator team. Whilst I may not be an elite player in-game, I have instead opted to dedicate a greater amount of time to help build the forum environment into a much more friendly and supportive place to converse and ask for support. In-game, I suppose I don’t like to stay with one set of characters too long, instead I prefer to level up random sets of RNPC’s and stock characters. Do not hesitate to contact me in-game or over the forums, as long as you do not beg me for stuff, I will strive to help you.

Senior Player Moderator: Merquise
Short Introduction of Merquise:

Family Name: Merquise
Server: Bach

My main characters would be fighter, wizard and scout.

Been a member of GE since CBT starting on Cervantes and currently residing in Bach. Been lurking around in game and the forums ever since.

As a mod I usually keep things in check in the community and clean the forums although the amount of drama has died down. I’ll occasionally help people in tech section if needed.

Senior Player Moderator: Rinkaru
Short Introduction of Rinkaru:

Family Name: Kaizou

Hi guys, I’m Kaizou one of the earliest  pioneer in Granado Espada since its CBT Phase up to the present version and one of the Senior Player Moderators alongside with Yagu, Merquise and Sam. As one of the Senior Mods, our role is to guide players especially the new Pioneers with satisfactory information regarding the game, provide immediate assistance in technical problems, and watch the forums for inappropriate behaviors such as trolling, flaming and the likes. We are strict in dissecting every thread to check if there is no malicious conversation and anomalies being discussed within the Granado Espada Forums. I am also open to any inquiries in regards to the game especially for new Filipino Players, please feel free to send us a message in the forums and we’ll be glad to help you out.


Community Crew: DANamic
Short Introduction of DANamic:

Hi, I’m Dan! You may know me as Danriguez or MDÀN from the Bach server. I’m just your typical boy. I go mad at the most random and sometimes, unnecessary times. I have different reactions to every action. I have the capability to do anything, if my brain permits it I guess. I can be extremely lazy and extremely proactive. Bribing me with cookies might be one way to motivate me. I’m quite academically conscious, but I’d rather be doing something tied with the computer or any electronic device for that matter. PC, Mac, iPhone, you name it! I’m an avid gamer but I mostly enjoy Granado Espada. I like to lead, but things people put me through can drive me insane. Other then that, I’m peaceful and friendly!

I am determined to be as helpful as I can and serve as a useful independent instrument to help create a more communal environment both on the forums and in-game. I have quite a variety of understanding and experience in many areas of technology, both hardware and software. Thus, I would also try to do my best to help answer any technical issues, as well as, general problems that any one player may be facing. If you need be, you may private message me at DANamic on the forums, alternatively, private messaging me on my Danriguez or MDÀN accounts will work as well. If you’re without a faction and want a tight community, join me and the Legionnaire faction today here!

Do visit my website at http://www.danamic.org, and my personal blog which gonna be real active at http://danblog.danamic.org!


Community Crew: drussx
Short Introduction of drussx:

Family Name: Geralt
Server: Rembrandt

I’m just a long time casual player, ever since my neighbour introduced me to a unique mmo, in which you can control 3 characters at a time, just like the popular Final Fantasy series.

What attracted me the most was the many recruited npcs (Rnpcs) that you can have in-game, other than the normal stock characters and the numerous costumes, back items, hat etc, etc which you could use to decorate your family.

I always wanted to help out the GE community, and had been active in the forums ever since I joined the game in May 2007.  I was honoured to be chosen as part of the Community Crew, and in doing my part to act as one of the bridges for players to interact with the official IAH staff.

The Community Crews, or CCs for short, is a group of volunteers that offer to give whatever contributions they can to the game that they all love and play.

Our jobs are simple, to help out with questions that players have in-game, everything about GE and sometimes, computer tech problems they might faced.  However, many a times we also faced insults or unhappy remarks from players who felt that the company is not doing enough to help or some who just wanted to leave their mark in the forums by “trolling” or making some nonsensical post to a thread.

In a way, being a CC taught me to handle problems with more patience and understanding, try to put myself in the other party’s shoe.


Community Crew: Desmond
Short Introduction of Desmond:

Hi, Panfilicious Family of Bach Server. Been playing GE since June 2007, and been a Community Crew since April 2008, and it’s been fun. Avid RNPC collector, user of underrated RNPCs, and my fave RNPC is Panfilo (duh). Feel free to PM me in Bach anytime, I’d reply if I’m not AFK. I’m quite random, we can talk about anything and everything, from GE to hobbies to IRL issues. I’m also willing to give help to new players if you’re in Bach server.

Community Crew: Keisaku
Short Introduction of Keisaku:

Family Name : Keisaku
Server : Rembrandt

Hello, I’m Clara, I’m a total costume-freak and pretty costumes make up a majority of my life in GE. I would always try to solve problems and give my opinions in discussions by players if they are within my knowledge. If not, I would try to search for info on other websites in order to provide a better answer.

I make “short” stories in GE. Do check them out.

Who says robots can’t fall in love? <– my first story in GE.
Battle of the girls of GE <– Kind of random.
Don’t mess with the girls <– Recommended for playboys.
Don’t bully the weak <– trying to convey a message ):
Power of Oneechan(big sister) <– Pedobears beware.
Capture of Pedobears <– The world is now safe. LOL
How Cath Str/Dex/Int Came About
Happiness Don’t Last Long Parts 1 / 2 / 3 <– Biggest Project, but title seems a bit… off.


Community Crew: P3r1le
Short Introduction of P3r1le:

Family Name: ·Blind·
Server: Rembrandt

Hello, my name is Abdul Rahim, for some they call me Rahim, for some they call me Per in-game. For starters, I’m indeed a medium-paced learner and willing to take any advice, critic in order to improve myself. Most times I’m patient and thoughtful.

An avid fan of Andre Janzur as he has the fine and smooth pace in any situation. Thus, making him in the frontline is a good feat and motivational indeed.

Granado Espada Guru

I suppose at the moment that I can claim myself as an active former in solving most of the problem related in-game, even if someone else has solved it before hand, I would try the best to enhance the answer for better understanding.

Granado Espada Community
At this area, I’m a bit more to aiding rather than giving. From my previous statement, I managed to help those in-game and forums in terms of knowledge. I hope to be more active in the community as I am currently handling stuff that reclines more to real life.
Apologies for all the bad things I made in the past, I’m determined to move further to a higher level. Hence, I am grateful of being a Community Crew Member.
Community Crew: Alexandrictor
Short Introduction of Alexandrictor:

Hiya! I am Alexandrictor, better known as Zanhaart in Rembrandt server. I am a zesty, yet earnest person who takes pride in everything I do. Recently, I took a liking to the Gigantic Blaster team lineup as it is deadly and swift. “Team Rocket BLASTING off at the speed of light”!

Primarily, I will be making comprehensive guides and interesting events for the community. Other than that, I hope to be a listening ear to the players/forum users and fight for their interests whenever possible. I strongly believe that’s the core duty of a Community Crew.
Here are the guides/events that I have made:
[Rembrandt Event] Puzzling Clues 1 : http://forum.iahgames.com/ge/showthread.php?t=67499
[Guide] Search function, how to use it? : http://forum.iahgames.com/ge/showthread.php?t=68293
Community Crew: Geek of Spades
Short Introduction of Geek of Spades:

Family Name: Vispades
Server: Rembrandt

Why (char name here)?
Gracielo – Imagine a person on constant Bloodthirsty Windstorm, I am that hyper
Edward – Like him im serious (when the need arises) and determined, but I don’t have amnesia
Idge the Battlesmith – We’re both cute LOL

What Can I do as a CC? Well its my 2ndterm now, and I’ve pretty much had an ample amount of experience to address everyone’s problems. May it be General or Technical, or quest related I’m sure I can be much of help for everyone. So feel free to IM me or pm me in game if you ever catch me online. 

Community Crew: Miyu
Short Introduction of Miyu:

Family Name: Patronum
Server: Rembrandt
Hi everyone! My name is Chii, but you can also call me Miyu due to it being my forum name. I started playing Granado Espada when it launched for Open Beta, and I never stopped playing since. Although recently, I have become busy due to work, but GE has always been the best game I have ever played ever!!! I am the founder of the NekoMiko faction, but I decided it was time to move on so now I am in my most beloved faction, Lé Çonquistador, for which I have become an officer as well. I am one of the featured GE Gamer Girls and I am also the server-renowned Anti-Scammer Queen!  I work as a Technical Support Specialist and I’m a part-time Singer.. hehe. Anything else you wanna know about me, you can add me on facebook. :p
What I can contribute to the community as a CC is my technical know-how, my deep interest and expertise in the game, and my love for the community. My goal is to make our community the best gaming community ever, and to involve everyone playing GE in the forums! <3
A few more things about me:
– E-games correspondent since February 2009
– Community crew since April 2009
– Anti-Scammer Queen since 2008, I think. (Visit my thread)

– Cosplayer since 2005, but only ramped once. *rofl* (Visit my thread)
I love shades of purple and everything nice and cute! In GE, I love costumes!

Founder of The Otaku's Study. I have been exploring this labyrinth of fandom these last fifteen years, and still nowhere close to the exit yet. Probably searching for a long time to come.


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