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As a previous post stated, our dear Mistress Hrin is leaving Team GE and therefore we all had to hunt around for a way to make her feel just a little bit of that pleasure that we have felt whilst playing Granado Espada over the 2+ years it has been open. Unfortunately, we were not able to have her head (or Selva’s – her signature RNPC) carved into Mount Rushmore or another mountain with heads due to time constraints, however we have decided to hold this event, an event where we of the forum team want EVERYONE to turn up and take part! No cash shop items, no level constrains, no expert knowledge, no nothing! Just you to turn up and take part! All the information after the jump.

Originally Posted by Presea

hello everyone,

just to deviate from the very controversial discussions happening around in the forum, the CCs have come together to organize an in-game gathering event. this is for the purpose of giving our final salute to our outgoing RCM, Hrin, as well as a warm welcome to the incoming RCM, lorenza.

in lieu with this, we are inviting every player from all 3 servers to participate in this simple gathering. the mechanics are as follows:

what: a gathering of all selva characters in salute to mistress hrin, outgoing RCM of sGE

when: september 6 (sunday)

rembrandt – 4PM to 5PM

where: city of auch, channel 2

what to bring:

  • players who have a selva character are welcome to join. please bring just one character to prevent uber lag in auch.
  • those who don’t have one are also welcome, but selvas are recommended since she’s hrin’s in-game character.
  • can also bring ETS as an alternative
  • CCs will take screenshots & a thread in the forums will be made where the SS will be posted, along with a “freedom wall” of sorts where you can write your message to hrin.

we are hoping for your support & cooperation to this mini-event spearheaded by your CCs! let’s show our love to hrin for the last time.

Just a few more things not added to it:

  • This is being run by the Community Crew/Moderators of the Granado Espada Forums and this is not an official event. There is NO PRIZES to be won and is simply a polite thing we are doing to recognise the hard efforts Hrin put into the game.
  • Whilst we would appreciate as many Selvas/Emilia’s/ETS as possible, please feel free to bring whatever character you want since all are part of the game Hrin has helped bring to life. Also, please only bring one character regardless….
  • We will not tolerate any flaming/scamming/requests for items, vis etc. We will not be entertaining them and you may end up being humiliated on the forums if someone takes a photo of you doing it.
  • Follow the instructions of the event co-ordinators. Not sure how they are being identified yet but most probably will be identifiable via the unique wings on their back seen at the bottom of the post.
  • All times are in GMT+8 and organisation will begin on the hour.
  • IF any IAH Games staff turn up, do not hassle them for items etc. This will most probably ruin any chance of there being a good photo.
  • Bring a large number of fireworks 🙂

The unique wings that may be an identificator of an event co-ordinator. Not sure how this is being done yet.

Remember to arrive there early! The earlier we start, the more time we have to take the best photos we can! As you can see, Viki, Claire and Tiburon have already got their seats =P.

Where do I get fireworks?


Fortunately, fireworks don’t require a quest and can be found by going to the item dealer in any major city and buying the item [Firecracker]. Please buy more than one through, they are only 100vis each and wont put a strain on your budget.


Then all you have to do is go to an area and double click on the item in your inventory. As can be seen in this picture, Claude has once again been punished by Claire for her rediculously hard recruitment quest (Random addition).

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