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Dragonica Pre-CBT Officially Over



So, the Dragonica Pre-CBT is finally over, with Kaye stating that the real CBT isn’t too far off. The end of the preview was marked in such festivities such as:

  • The last dash to get a character up to Level 10
  • The final photo (Which I can’t been seen in)
  • The “Lets crash the Server” event where people spammed skills, making it hard to do well… anything in the game. (However, the tough servers stood its ground and remained strong)
  • Finally, the last message before the server got taken down for now… “We’ll see Everyone soon!”

This marks the end of a successful preview of Dragonica, making people anxious for the full release. For a full summary of the last two days, including the battle between Sam and Nuglar (Acolyte VS Knight aka Healer VS Fighter), the PvP Battle with the GM/CM’s and many many many more things which should be all up in the next day or two!

For now, this blogger shall get some rest.

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