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Fall in Love with Dragonica!


This February, all registrants for the Dragonica CBT are invited for a 2-weekend Valentine’s Day showcase! This 13-14th February and 20-21st February 2009, cozy up with your friends and loved ones in gorgeous Port of Winds before the Winter ice thaws for Spring!

Just for this Valentine’s (because we love you…):

Get Free Premium Items! *
Besides checking out the new Couple-mode and Matchmaking systems, try out the premium items for free when you obtain a special V-day event code from major game sites. (Information about where and when to obtain your codes will be posted shortly.)

Reserve your character names! *
As a big thank you to all Dragonians, every character that reaches Level 10 and above during the event will automatically be retained PERMANENTLY. Reserve the right to your favorite names before the rest of the world gets in on the game!

Just when you thought that was all…
Level any character to at least 15, and we’ll pump them straight to Level 20 on 20th February 2009! Try your hand at PVP and explore 2nd Job classes immediately.

Free Reset Scrolls!
As for all characters already at Level 20 and above by 14th February, 3 extra Skill-Reset scrolls will be provided for you to “spec” to your ultimate build!

* In the interests of fair play during the OBT-Commercial phase, character levels and equipment obtained during promotional previews will be removed after CBT.

Stay tuned for more updates and discuss it with everyone here!

Original Source: http://kaye.blogs.iahgames.com/2009/01/fall-in-love-with-dragonica.html

Well~ If you plan on having a nice relaxing Valentines Day/Weekends, please join us and share in IAHGame’s Valentines Gift of a 4 day release!

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