Shrek the Musical Opens at QPAC After Weeklong Postponement

After being faced with an almost weeklong postponement due to the strictly-enforced COVID-19 pandemic lockdown last Friday, the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) have finally opened up their season of Shrek the Musical for a slightly shorter season – from tonight until 7 February 2021.

The opening of this musical comes with a few caveats in response best advice from the Queensland State Government. Most notably, from now until at least 22 January 2021, all QPAC venues will have their capacity reduced from 100% to 50%. This ultimately means that some who have booked for performances would either be rescheduled for one at a later date or be refunded. It is great to see that public health is taking priority over ticket sales, even if it is another dagger among many thrown at the performing arts industry last year.

Having worked with many of the wonderful people at the QTIX ticketing team, my thoughts and condolences go out to them in accomplishing this massive, very sensitive task. Here’s hoping everyone is understanding and you don’t end up with too many ranting about COVID-19 conspiracies or being entitled given everything taking place. Knowing how great the Queensland community is though, I am sure it won’t be anywhere near as bad as that!

Shrek the Musical which adapts the original 2001 CGI film by DreamWorks Animation. The Australian cast see’s Ben Mingay as Shrek, Lucy Durack as Princess Fiona, Nat Jobe as Donkey and Todd McKenney as Lord Farquaad will lead the main cast, joined by a special guest appearance by Marcia Hines as The Dragon.

You can read statements from key stakeholders by moving to the next page.


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