Disney’s Aladdin the Musical’s Brisbane Season Launch

The Theatre Sphere - Photographic Retrospective

With restrictions slowly subsiding around the COVID-19 pandemic, we can hope that by some time in 2021, major-scale musical theatre productions will be able to come back to the state of Queensland. With the last musical I watched being¬†Chicago¬†almost a year ago, I am pretty antsy to get back into the soft padded seats of a theatre, full of passionate theatre-goers reacting with glee at what occurs on-stage. From border and travel restrictions being removed to having the spread reduced to the point where full theatres are possible… it is up to everyone doing their part to ensure we can return to normal as soon as possible and avoid a resurgent wave.

As I have been doing on the odd occasion throughout this year, I would like to reminisce about a moment during my time involved with the performing arts industry. This time I would like to highlight an event which took place at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) during the latter half of 2017.

Not every musical receives a media launch for a variety of reasons, but when you consider how successful The Lion King the Broadway Musical’s Brisbane season was for Disney Theatrical Productions (potentially to a fault due to the insatiable demand), it came as no surprise that the next offering of Aladdin the Musical was to receive one.

In addition to several members of the Queensland Press, a number of key stakeholders from Disney Theatrical Productions (Including worldwide president Thomas Schumacher), QPAC, and the show’s principal Australian cast at the time (Michael James Scott, Ainsley Melham and Hiba Elchikhe) were in attendance. This approximately half-hour event involved speeches, performances from cast members and a chance to look closely at some of the costumes featured in the show. While Michael James Scott never got to perform on the Lyric Theatre stage, it was still a great taster of what was to come early the next year.

You can see a sample of photographs from the event below.

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