Third Concert Goes On Sale for ‘Lights On: QSO + Tom Thum at the Brisbane Powerhouse’

Header image kindly provided by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra

Things may not be back to “normal” for performing arts venues, however many producers and venues across Australia – given the progressive lifting of COVID-19 restrictions – are finding ways to make some good out of a, frankly, bad situation. From tomorrow until 22 August 2020, the Brisbane Powerhouse are hosting a series of ‘Lights On’ events. This series features new works from Brisbane companies and creatives, presented as part of social distance adhering, limited-time performances in a re-imagined venue.

Over the coming weeks, arts lovers will have the opportunity to enjoy works from Circa (24-25 July), Club Briefs (31 July – 1 August), Queensland Ballet (7-8 August), QMusic (14-15 August) and the Queensland Symphony Orchestra (21-22 August). If you are interested in any of these, be sure to log onto the Brisbane Powerhouse website and snap yourself up a pair of tickets while the limited stocks are available.

Third Concert Goes On Sale for 'Lights On: QSO + Tom Thum at the Brisbane Powerhouse' 1
Image provided by Queensland Symphony Orchestra

Today’s news comes from the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, who will be performing alongside boxbeater Tom Thum and conductor Gordon Hamilton next month. While originally only slated to have two concerts at 7.00pm each night, it is confirmed that a 4.00pm session on Saturday 22 August 2020 will now be going ahead. Tickets are now on-sale while seats last.

The concert will feature original compositions written by Tom and Gordon, with the works described as a “watershed of jazz, hip-hop and off-the-wall experimental sounds, bridged by comedic interludes, short bursts of pastiche and reinterpretations of symphonic classics”. If you ever wanted to know what a symphony orchestra would be like partnered with a beat boxer, now is your chance!

Third Concert Goes On Sale for 'Lights On: QSO + Tom Thum at the Brisbane Powerhouse' 2
Image provided by Queensland Symphony Orchestra

We invite music lovers to join world-renowned beatboxer Tom Thum and classical powerhouse Gordon Hamilton as, together with Queensland Symphony Orchestra, they perform their genre defining symphony, ‘Thum Prints’”.

What a ground-breaking way to bring back live music and see our QSO together again under the spotlight.

Craig Whitehead – Chief Executive of Queensland Symphony Orchestra

Lights On at Brisbane Powerhouse will delight audiences with a creatively curated series of bespoke shows for an intimate gathering of around 100 theatre-goers. The cabaret-style setting will provide the perfect platform to enjoy this incredible collocation between Tom Thum and QSO,” he said. “It’s about emergence; it’s about reminding ourselves what we mean to each other and remembering the value of art and artists.

Kris Stewart – Artistic Director of Brisbane Powerhouse
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