Priscilla the Musical Snowglobe

Possessions of a Theatre Enthusiast #1

A look at Priscilla the Musical’s Brisbane Season. Video Source: Adoni Media

Between 2016 and 2019, when I was much less active on The Otaku’s Study, I was employed within the Queensland Performing Arts industry working in Strategic Communications. During this time, I had the privilege to work, support and collaborate with dozens of producers from small local companies presenting their very first show to major Australian producers behind many musicals we have come to know and love. While I am back writing actively on this site, I cannot thank all the individuals I had the opportunity to work with enough for the precious insights, learnings and fantastic memories I gained from collaborating with them.

Given the nature of my position, I would on occasion get the odd trinket as a present or as part of some special event, most of which have unfortunately been sitting in my cabinet collecting dust for the last couple of years. Therefore, as I sort through my cabinets, I thought it might be worth taking photos of a few goodies I own to showcase to other theatre enthusiasts.

Priscilla the Musical Snowglobe 1

Sorry for the very average photo quality, I have a setup for small items such as this arriving in the next few days, which will greatly improve the quality of these photos.

Thanks to the team at Michael Cassel Group, I was fortunate enough to receive this lovely Priscilla the Musical themed snowglobe when they toured the show in Brisbane. Depicting the scene where Felicia (in the most recent Australian tour, played by Euan Doidge) is singing Follie! Delirio vano è questo! Sempre libera (from La traviata) atop the bus, this snowglobe has a few lovely features such as a rainbow road and an absolute tonne of glitter ready to be shaken around. I am not a collector of snowglobes, but this is one I will keep on display in the indefinite future.

Priscilla: Queen of the Desert remains one of my favourite Australian-produced musicals to date. While I will typically attempt to see each musical once or twice, this show kept pulling me back until I saw it six times across its Melbourne and Brisbane seasons.

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