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Madman Entertainment to Distribute “Matilda & Me” on DVD This Month, A Look Into Tim Minchin’s Journey Bringing Matilda to Australia


Matilda & Me | © 2016 Australian Broadcasting Corporation & In Films Pty Ltd

Whether it is due to him being a comedian who is ready and willing to enter territory others might not, a skilled musician or an absolute star on-stage – I personally find very few ways (if any) not to love Tim Minchin. But while you can find DVD’s and other media content detailing many aspects of Minchin’s career, what Matilda & Me looks at one of his most recent and very special journeys. This is the journey he has taken in bringing a beloved children’s book to the stage in an experience both children and adults alike can enjoy.

After launching Matilda the Musical at the Cambridge Theatre on London’s West End back in 2011, the show finally received its chance to shine in Australia just last year. Following what seems to have been a successful run at the Sydney Lyric Theatre which concluded back in February, the show is now being held for a lengthy run in Melbourne, to be followed by seasons in Brisbane and Perth starting later this year.

With exclusive access to the Australian rehearsals of his global theatre hit, MATILDA & ME charts the relationship between Tim Minchin and the musical he has become famous for. From London and Los Angeles to the opening night in Sydney, this is the story of the irreverent comedian whose unlikely partnership with the esteemed Royal Shakespeare Company proved the opportunity of a lifetime.

This DVD will be published by Madman Entertainment starting April 6th 2016 (This Wednesday). Whether you have seen the musical already or are awaiting the opportunity to see it, it should prove to be an interesting watch. Nevertheless, you can also watch Matilda & Me on ABC1 tomorrow (Sunday) evening from 7:42pm – 8:43pm.

Matilda & Me is a documentary directed by Rhian Skirving and Nel Minchin, and will be available for purchase on DVD starting April 6th 2016.

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