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Strictly Ballroom the Musical Holds Final Show in Brisbane and Australia This Evening


A Life Lived in Fear | Image Taken by Myself
A Life Lived in Fear | Image Taken by Myself

After celebrating their 500th show in Australia earlier this week, the Brisbane run of Strictly Ballroom the Musical at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) Lyric Theatre has come to an end this evening. The show concluded with both a matinee and night session today.

Having only traveled along the east coast of Australia (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane), some might have been hoping that the show might head to other Australian states for even strictly limited seasons. Unfortunately with no other seasons announced and a Facebook post made yesterday stating that “It is now the FINAL 3 SHOWS of Strictly Ballroom the Musical in Australia!“, it seems like this is the end for Strictly Ballroom the Musical’s Australian run in the near future at least.

This theatrical production has been presented by Global Creatures, and was directed and co-written by Baz Luhrmann and co-written by Craig Pearce. It also featured sets and costume designs by Catherine Martin and choreography by John “Cha Cha” O’Connell. Those familiar with the original film may recognise these four as all being members of the original creative team more than twenty years ago.

In terms of main cast members, the lead roles of Scott Hastings and Fran (Just Fran) were portrayed by Thomas Lacey and Phoebe Panaretos respectively. They were joined by a lead and ensemble cast of 43 Aussies, including Bob Baines as Les Kendall, Natalie Gamsu as Abuela, Robert Grubb as Barry Fife, Fernando Mira as Rico, Heather Mitchell as Shirley Hastings and Mark Owen-Taylor as JJ Silvers. Doug Hastings was represented by Drew Forsythe during the Sydney and Melbourne seasons, and by Darren Gilshenan in Brisbane.

I reviewed Strictly Ballroom the Musical on this site following its opening night at QPAC, giving it a score of ★★★★☆/5.

Time will tell what the future holds for Strictly Ballroom the Musical….

Update: A new Facebook post has reconfirmed that the show’s inaugural Australian production has come to a close.

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