An Evil Latex-Clad Demon – Take That (In-Game) Snap Daily Photo

I originally joined Second Life after learning about the high degree of character customizability and the photography tools it offered to users. While I was initially cautious about the adult-oriented reputation of the service, the hesitancy quickly faded away as I began taking snaps and meeting its friendly inhabitants who I have willingly dragged into modelling sessions with me.

Today’s snap is one of the first I ever took in Second Life. It involves my good friend Elva who at the time of this photo, I believe, was taking on the role of a dark, latex-clad demon. Provided you use clients such as the commonly-used Firestorm or photography-oriented Black Dragon, and have your graphical settings set high enough, the lighting can make surfaces of shinier outfits look very impressive. Although there is much fetish-oriented latex gear on the service, it can also be used to create impressive (more all-ages friendly) outfits such as the one above.

This photo was taken in Second LifeSecond Life does have a reputation for more adult content (there is no shortage of thatif you explicitly look for it). However, those interested in using it to build custom avatars and take great photographs will find a lot on offer from the user-created worlds, purchasable content for your avatars, a high level of customisation and clients dedicated to taking fantastic photos.

Take That (In-Game) Snap Daily Photo is an off-shoot of the Take That (In-Game) Snap article series, in which the first article focusing on Final Fantasy XIV was recently published. This looks at, celebrates and critiques how video game developers have implemented professional photography-like systems into their games. It will cover how the systems handle, just how accessible they are and, where applicable, how a modding community might be making these tools even better. With this Daily Photo spin-off series, I will be sharing individual photos from the games either covered or soon-to-be-covered in the series.

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