Forza Horizon 3

Five Games to Download on Xbox Game Pass to Help Get You Through the Week

Image Credit: Syda Productions - Spending another week at home and considering booting up your Xbox One and nabbing an Xbox Game Pass for a few cheap months of entertainment? Here are my five recommendations of games you should consider downloading first!

Get a Taste of A Virtual Australian Climate with Forza Horizon 3 Demo

While the Forza Motorsport games in general have a lot to offer gamers, to me it is hard to go past the Forza Horizon line of games. Removing some of the limits set by preset tracks and instead offering...

Microsoft Australia Seeks to Deliver “One-of-a-Kind” Experiences with Xbox FanFest 2016 in Sydney

While those in Sydney will already be able to sample a range of new games during the EB Games Expo in Early-2016, Microsoft Australia have announced that Xbox Fanfest will be headed to Sydney this month. More exclusive than...

[E3 2016] Forza Horizon 3 to Take Players Down Under to Australia – From the Outback to the Gold Coast

Back in 2014, Playground Games took players on an open-world racing journey through a varied region reminiscent of Southern Europe with Forza Horizon 2. A couple of years have now passed, and the "Horizon Festival" is taking place once again...
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