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The Otaku’s Study – Reborn and Better Than Ever!


It is hard to believe on my part, but nine long months have passed since I last made a post on The Otaku’s Study. Let’s be frank, ending a website with a Happy Christmas message would be a rather poor way to end a history spanning more than ten years.

Granted it could be much worse… but still….

As I pursued my real life career in Communications, which required longer and longer hours to keep on top of the increasing (albeit fun) demands of the position, I ultimately ended up spending a lot of the time I would have otherwise spent writing either asleep or working relentlessly. As my need for sleep continued to consume the time I would otherwise spend relaxing, playing video games, watching anime or pursuing other hobbies – it became an impossibility to keep creating content for The Otaku’s Study.


While it will likely take days if not a week or two to get everything sorted, work will commence immediately on bringing this site back in some capacity. Knowing the limitations of my time still, and the fact that I am currently experiencing fairly significant depression, I will not be focusing on news articles as I did before (although this will be on a case-by-base basis). Instead, the initial wave of articles will be reviews, in addition to the completion of already half-written articles in the article series I noted last year.

One of the first articles I plan to have completed in the next couple of days is the first article in my Take That (In-Game) Snap series, looking at how video game developers have implemented professional photography-like systems into their games, how the systems handle, just how accessible they are and, where applicable, how a modding community might be making these tools even better.

In addition, I will be bringing back The Theatre Sphere back to The Otaku’s Study. This is the odd-one-out when it comes to this site, and may become a whole new website onto its own. Yet, the performing arts is an area I still remain passionate about, and consider it an extremely creative and fun way to present narratives and memorable experiences. This section will be kicking off shortly, with a review of Muriel’s Wedding the Musical, which is currently in the first week of its Brisbane season as of writing.

More exciting things lie ahead, I look forward to having you rejoin me as I continue to study the labyrinth of fandom.

Founder of The Otaku's Study. I have been exploring this labyrinth of fandom these last fifteen years, and still nowhere close to the exit yet. Probably searching for a long time to come.


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