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Site Update: Look Forward to June!



As regular readers of The Otaku’s Study may have noticed, things have been pretty slow these past couple of weeks. While I won’t go into detail on everything which has landed on my desk to do this past month (most of which was very important and unavoidable), I can happily confirm my schedule will be freed up significantly starting mid-week.

As soon as possible, the goal is to have my review of and interview regarding Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on Stage published. Following these two articles, I plan to writing up a lot of reviews to catch up on everything my hectic schedule hasn’t allowed me to write-up this month.  This is all in addition to a few site updates I have planned as well.

Also, The Otaku’s Study celebrated its 9th Anniversary this month. While there was minimal fanfare this year, expect something more significant in May 2016 to celebrate the site’s 10th Anniversary! As of now, I have spent more than a third of my life updating this site…. time sure flies.

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