Darkstalkers: Morrigan #1 Covers Shared by Udon Entertainment

Focusing on the seductive succubus Morrigan, Udon Entertainment will be publishing an all-new one-shot comic titled Darkstalkers: Morrigan #1 in March 2022. Focusing on the character’s next adventure, she seeks to undo the damage to her home dimension caused by her escapades in the human world. This tale is brought to you by classic Darkstalkers scribe Ken Siu-Chong, and illustrated by Panzer (Street Fighter #100). 

But there is one more question to ask yourself before deciding to purchase the volume… what is your preferred cover artwork? Udon Entertainment are offering a range of alternate cover artwork designs featuring Morrigan, each from a different artist. Check at your local comic book store about what variants they will have on offer.

In addition to the four below, two cover variants (“Bride” and “Dark Bride”) illustrated by Reiq will be available exclusively via the Udon Store. The latter of the two, will be limited to 150 copies, albeit at a premium price.

Featuring a story by Ken Siu-Chong and Artwork by Panzer, Darkstalkers: Morrigan #1 is a 32-page full-colour comic book set to launch on 30 March 2022 in North America.

Morrigan, the sultry succubus queen of the demonic Darkstalker dimension arrives in her own 1-shot comic! Her late night escapades into the human world have accidentally unleashed a destructive force on her home dimension. Now, Morrigan must personally confront this new evil to return order to her kingdom of monsters.


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