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Manga University’s ‘The Manga Cookbook’ Appears on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson


[utube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9g-yPQgUH2c”]

For those who are not familiar with it, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is a weekday late-night comedy talk-show hosted by the Scottish American comedian Craig Fergusion and his robotic skeleton co-host Geoff. While targeted towards an American audience, it actually makes its way down here in Australia – although I have no idea what time or channel it is on (I just randomly come across it every few weeks).

One of the recent episodes saw a segment featuring Manga University’s all-ages friendly Japanese cookbook The Manga Cookbook, which is worth watching if you have a spare minute. Copies of the book can still be purchased via Amazon and other bookstores.

Update: As highlighted by the Manga University team in the comments box below, you can also pick up the book via their website HERE.

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  1. Thanks for reporting on our cookbook’s appearance on the “Late Late Show,” Sam! Customers in Australia who are interested in buying “The Manga Cookbook” can get it directly from our website at mangauniversity.com

    • You’re very welcome @disqus_OpoGBjNsEM:disqus! Congratulations on the appearance as well!

      Updated the post to list your website. Just want to confirm however, is the book listed on your website a physical or digital copy?

  2. So wait he didnt even talk about it, all it ended up as was a honorable mention. Youd think anime/manga has evolved enough into pop culture but I guess some people still see it as niche.


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