Skeb Commissioning Service Updated With Multiple File Support, Golden Week Free Request Period

Since last year, the two major players in the ‘worldwide clients commissioning Japanese artists’ game has been Skeb and Pixiv Requests. Both services have their pros and cons, but each has tens or hundreds of thousands of sent requests and a sizable offering of artists within their line-up.

As the veteran of the two, Skeb has remained a more static and complete experience but has, on the odd occasion, added new functionality to its services. While things such as the ability for artists to set preferred tags or even the option of enabling artists to optionally set themselves open to discussions with clients (Rather than talk = ban), what the service has been desperately lacking is support for multiple files.

Why is this needed? Primarily because artists have been required to provide manga works within layered PSD files rather than as separate PNG files. This has also meant that previews have been in the form of either tiny thumbnail-sized images or just a single page (of a potentially multi-page work). As of last week, Skeb finally introduced multi-file support to the service. Artists can now upload up to ten files per request, enabling better support for manga, differences and even niche concepts such as alarm clocks.

Marking both this update and the Golden Week period in Japan, any requests sent to an artist during this period (Specifically until 5 May 2021 @ 23:59 JST), will come with no Request Fee for the artist attached. This means that artists may be a smidgeon more flexible with the prices they send, but arguably, more importantly, more artists have opened commissions on the site. So do check them out, and see if your favourite Japanese artist is accepting requests!

You can access the SKEB website by clicking HERE. You can also read my review of the service HERE.

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