Even More Dramatic Post-Apocalyptic Tales – Casshern Sins Part 2 Review

I am here to provide my review on the second part of Casshern Sins, a series rather unique in more ways than one. For those who have not read my previous review, I would advise you read it first. Read on for my review of Casshern Sins - Part 2, available on both DVD and Blu-ray from Siren Visual.

Persona 4 Anime – Coming Soon

Thanks to this Moetron Article , it seems like we can be expecting a Persona 4 anime coming sometime very soon..... In a trailer recently released, seen below, hints at the Midnight Channel with a link to a website...

[Siren Visual] Simulcast Announcement + Facebook Drama

Whilst I have not gotten an official press announcement for this yet, this was posted on the Siren Visual wall a mere half-hour or so ago. Siren Visual Guys we have licensed Tiger & Bunny and C for Control, and simulcasting...

The Tatami Galaxy – Review

I loved Welcome to Irabu's Office full stop. It might have been odd at times, however it had that level of comedy that is rare to find in an anime.... where it isnt haha funny, but it makes you giggle simply due to the design technique or the complete oddity of it. I am not sure if Irabu's Office or The Tatami Galaxy came first, however it is evident to see that whilst having similarities the series are different in many ways. Was I able to keep up with the, at times, 500 words per minute at times, or was the series plain boring? Read on for my review of The Tatami Galaxy.

Incoming Supanova Announcements from Siren Visual and Madman!

Siren Visual was teasing this the other day at Supanova Brisbane when they could not announce what this was.... so those at the Melbourne Supanova, please check out their panel! ------------------------ Here’s a summary of our announcements over the weekend...

OMG I WANT A KATANAAAAAA! – The Sacred Blacksmith Review

This title is a generic fighting anime with a few added twists into it, some of which work (such as people turning into swords) and some that do not (Introducing characters who seem to be main characters starting character development and then dropping them from the cast). However, despite the initial bad reviews when I chose to get this title as I thought it would be one that would have me questioning if the average review scores were correct. To see if I was right, then read on for my review of The Sacred Blacksmith.

More Rah! Rah! Rah! – DuRaRaRa!! Part 2 Review

The second part of this non-linear, supernatural city tale is unfolding and most of the pieces are in place. You have the gang wars which are starting up again, the storyline regarding the headless rider and her "head" unfolding and most importantly, who the leader of the Dollars is..... This caught your attention?.... read on for my review of Durarara!! Part 2

Supanova Brisbane – Summary

As you most probably know, the first of the years Supanova events have taken place in Brisbane, with my live..ish blog going up a post under this. I would now like to take the time to summarize my experience of the...

Supanova: Brisbane 2011 Live Blog

As I have stated previously, I will be attending Supanova this year, and have decided to go for the Saturday and quite possibly the Sunday event. Due to the new anime and all that being announced, I have decided...

Anime Shuuken – Anime Store Review

Store Name: Anime Shuuken Address: 1B/76 Robina Town Centre Drive, Gold Coast, Australia 4226 (Google Maps) Phone Number: (07) 55 787 072 Store Size: Small/Medium Specializes In: Anime, Manga, Figures, Toys, Snacks and Drinks, Miscellaneous Otaku-related toys. Official Website: Click Here Official Facebook Page:Click Here Credits:...

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