Aniplex of America to Host ‘Sword Art Online Festival’ During Anime Expo 2016

Above: Promotional trailer for Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale.

As fans of the successful media franchise will already know, there is a new Sword Art Online film on the horizon. Known as Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale, which is set to screen sometime in 2017. Claiming its to celebrate the future worldwide release of this film, Aniplex of America have confirmed they will be hosting the Sword Art Online Festival at this year’s Anime Expo 2016 in Los Angeles.

This exclusive event will be held on Day Two of the convention (July 2nd 2016) in Petree Hall. Bringing many of the voice cast members together, the event will feature eleven members of the English voice cast. This includes Bryce Papenbrook (Kirito), Cherami Leigh (Asuna), Cassandra Lee Morris (Leafa), Stephanie Sheh (Yui), Michelle Ruff (Sinon), Ben Diskin (Death Gun), Christine Cabanos (Silica), Sarah Williams (Lisbeth), Patrick Seitz (Agil), Kirk Thornton (Klein) and Erica Mendez (Yuuki) – with ADR Script Writer / Director Alex von David as MC. They will also be welcoming some “secret guests”, which will only be revealed at the event.

While there are bound to be other secrets we won’t learn of until the event, the Sword Art Online Festival will feature a wide variety of live entertainment by the cast members. Some examples include live line readings, games and bloopers. There will also be a “special announcement” regarding Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale. made during the event.

Hideki Goto | President of Aniplex of America

We are excited to bring the Sword Art Online Festival to the fans at this year’s Anime Expo. Every year, our English cast panels are extremely well received by the attendees so we really wanted to wow them this year with a super-charged version of the panel.

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