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Madman Entertainment Open Pre-Orders for April 2016 Release Slate


Lord Marksman and Vanadis | © 2014 Tsukasa Kawaguchi, PUBLISHED BY KADOKAWA CORPORATION MEDIAFACTORY/Lord Marksman and Vanadis PARTNERS
Lord Marksman and Vanadis | © 2014 Tsukasa Kawaguchi, PUBLISHED BY KADOKAWA CORPORATION MEDIAFACTORY/Lord Marksman and Vanadis PARTNERS

As their systems do automatically as we jump into a new month, Australian anime publisher Madman Entertainment have opened pre-orders for their April 2016 anime release slate. On offer this month are a couple of pricey anime collections with a large number of episodes in them (Bleach), brand new releases (Including Sailor Moon R, Free! – Eternal Summer) and some complete collections (Samurai Pizza Cats).

You can find more information on all these titles below:

Bleach Bankai Box 3 (Episodes 230 – 303)
DVD | Dual Audio | $199.95 | 1850 Minutes

A mysterious man who calls himself “Muramasa” appears in the Seireitei to declare war against the Soul Reapers. Using his powers, Muramasa gives physical form to the Zanpakuto and liberates them from the captains and lieutenants of the 13 Court Guard Squads. Meanwhile, having sustained severe injuries in battle, Rukia escapes to the World of the Living and is saved by Ichigo.

Bleach Bankai Box (Episodes 304-366)
DVD | Dual Audio | $199.95 | 1575 Minutes

Ichigo returns from Hueco Mundo at last to battle Aizen. But in the face of Aizen’s overwhelming power, Ichigo begins to lose his will to fight. The Thirteen Court Guard Squads are there to support him, and along with the Visoreds they launch a full-scale attack. Even Head Captain Genryusai Yamamoto joins the fight, attempting to incinerate Aizen in a blazing inferno. But is anything enough to stop the Soul Society’s ultimate foe?

Bleach Movie Collection (Movies 1-4)
DVD | Dual Audio | $59.95 | 361 Minutes

Four Bleach movies are now together in one box: Bleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody, Bleach the Movie 2: The Diamonddust Rebellion, Bleach the Movie 3: Fade to Black and Bleach the Movie 4: Hell Verse.

Free! – Eternal Summer (Season 2 + OVA)
DVD/Blu-ray | Dual Audio | $59.95/$69.95 | 300 Minutes

Free! – Eternal Summer (Season 2 + OVA) Limited Edition Collector’s Edition
DVD+Blu-ray | Dual Audio | $99.95 | 300 Minutes

The boys of summer are back! Haru, Makoto, Nagisa, Rei, and Rin are reunited for a second season in Free! Eternal Summer. After the last swimming meet, the bonds of friendship have only gotten stronger, and with each passing day these boys continue to grow. This season brings new rivals and new challenges. So get ready, the competition is about to get fierce!

Gundam Reconguista in G Part 2 (Episodes 14-26)
DVD | Japanese Dub | $59.95 | 325 Minutes

A conference is held between General Dorette who has come from the moon and the people of Earth represented by Gusion. However, immediately following the conference, Mask and Klim carry out a Mobile Suit battle using Sankt Porto as a shield. Bellri is enraged by this battle which disregards the sanctity of the holy land…

Lord Marksman and Vanadis Complete Series
DVD/Blu-ray | Dual Audio | $59.95/$69.95 | 325 Minutes

After being taken captive by a female general from an enemy country, Count Tigrevurmud Vorn leaves his own lands completely open to attack. Unable to sit by and watch the destruction, Tigre must do what he can to convince his beautiful captor to join him in a fight to save his homeland. 

Using his skills as an archer and her otherworldly prowess as a War Maiden, the pair must work together if they hope to stand a chance against two warring nations and a rogue faction led by power hungry nobleman. Outgunned, outnumbered and branded as a traitor, the valiant Tigre will need to win the favor of the remaining War Maidens if he plans to come out on top.

Sailor Moon R | ©Naoko Takeuchi/PNP, Toei Animation Film©1992 Toei Animation Co. Ltd.
Sailor Moon R | © Naoko Takeuchi/PNP, Toei Animation Film©1992 Toei Animation Co. Ltd.

Love Live! School Idol Project Season 2
DVD/Blu-ray (LE) | Dual Audio | $59.95/$99.95 | 325 Minutes

Having avoided the closure of Otonokizaka High, the members of μ’s return to their everyday lives. News of a second Love Live reaches the girls. This time teams that win their regional preliminaries move onto the finals.

Naruto Shippiden Collection 25
DVD | Dual Audio | $49.95 | 300 Minutes

As the Fourth Great Ninja War rages on, the endless waves of Reanimated Shinobi take their toll as the Allied Shinobi Forces are forced to keep fighting their own fallen friends and comrades. Meanwhile, Naruto deepens his understanding of warfare, learning to sense the disguised White Zetsu sowing confusion and distrust among the Allied Forces. But all the effort and pain aren’t for nothing, as Gaara and Ohnoki draw closer than ever to discovering who is really behind this devastating conflict.

One Piece (Uncut) Collection 36 (Episodes 434-445)
DVD | Dual Audio | $49.95 | 300 Minutes

The prison invasion continues as Luffy puts his life on the line to save his brother from certain death! 

The Burning Hot Hell of Impel Down serves as the backdrop for a showdown with Warden Magellan, a monster with a penchant for poisoning prisoners! Luffy throws down with the toxic terror, but no warrior escapes unscathed when pummeling a foe too poisonous to touch. After the rubber-man succumbs to the toxins breaking down his body, Bon Clay braves subzero temperatures and bloodthirsty wolves to track down a miracle worker rumored to have vanished into the gates of hell! Enter Emporior Ivankov. This larger-than-life personality has the Healing Hormones needed to save Luffy, but the cure could take ten years off the pirate’s life! Consequences be damned, Luffy and Bon Clay take the ultimate leap of faith as they hurtle toward a reunion with Crocodile – and prison riot that could spring them from the clink and speed them on the way to saving Ace!

Sailor Moon R (Season 2) Part 1 (Episodes 47-68)
DVD/DVD (LE) | Dual Audio | $59.95/$69.95 | 550 Minutes

After their epic battle, the Sailor Guardians are called back to action when some new and powerful enemies appear! Ail and An are alien siblings bound to the mysterious energy-devouring Makai Tree. And the Black Moon Clan, led by Prince Demande, has the power to destroy all of future Crystal Tokyo! Things get complicated when a mysterious pink-haired girl falls from the sky, demands the Legendary Silver Crystal, and claims Mamoru for her own! Could there also be a new Sailor Guardian?

Samurai Pizza Cats Complete Series
DVD | English Dub | $59.95 | 1300 Minutes

Join Speedy Cerviche, Guido Anchovy, and Polly Esther at Pizza Cats, the most popular place in Little Tokyo. But the pizza take out joint is merely a front for their true job. A crime fighting secret ninja trio! Led by Big Al Dente, the Pizza Cats are tasked with keeping the scheming Seymour “The Big” Cheese and his evil Crow Ninjas, Jerry Atric and Bad Bird, from taking over Little Tokyo from the dimwitted Emperor Fred. 

The Pizza Cats are backed up by a Rescue Team, four other cats with their own restaurant who spring into action to help them out whenever they hear the rescue bell. The weapons of the Rescue Team can combine to form super weapons! And they will need them when evil undoubtedly shows up in every episode. Usually in the form of a gigantic monster-like robot used by the Big Cheese who has his mind set on controlling Little Tokyo!

Sword Art Online 2 Part 4
DVD/DVD (LE)/Blu-ray/Blu-ray (LE) | Dual Audio | $29.95/$34.95/$34.95/$44.95 | 125 Minutes

Hearing rumors about an undefeated player known as Zekken, Asuna decides to mount a challenge. Zekken has been seeking opponents to duel for an ultra-fast 11-hit combo original sword skill. Not a single challenger has been successful so far. Asuna comes very close and is barely defeated. To her surprise, Zekken asks Asuna to join the guild called Sleeping Knights. What is Zekken’s real intention?

Tokyo ESP Complete Series
DVD | Japanese Dub | $59.95 | 300 Minutes

Rinka is a high school student in Tokyo trying to make ends meet while supporting herself and her father. Her ordinary life takes a turn for the extraordinary when she witnesses a penguin and a school of fish flying through the air. After catching up to one of the fish, she passes out and wakes up to find herself suddenly granted supernatural powers. With her newfound ability to walk through solid objects, Rinka is about to learn just how transparent the world can be. 

From the creator of Ga-Rei-Zero comes an adventure that shows how out-of-the-ordinary abilities of high school students can send a powerful message to evildoers the world over.


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