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Amagi Brilliant Park Added to AnimeLab Service


Building upon the range of titles already available through their AnimeLab service, Australian anime publisher Madman Entertainment have announced that the entire 12-episode season of Amagi Brilliant Park is now being officially and legally streamed via their video-on-demand service. This addition follows Madman Entertainment announcing their acquisition of rights to the series during SMASH! (Sydney Manga and Anime Show 2015).

As this is a fairly new anime, having initially aired in the closing months of 2014, the series is only available with its original Japanese dub. There is no word on if or when an English dub will be made available for Amagi Brilliant Park. In addition, there is no word on just when a home video release (DVD and/or Blu-ray) will be made available to the Australian market.

All 12 episodes of Amagi Brilliant Park can be found via AnimeLab HERE. If you reside outside Australia or New Zealand, I encourage you to contact your local anime publishers about just where you can officially stream episodes of this series.

Official Synopsis for Series

A mysterious but pretty transfer student, Sento Isuzu, asks Kanie Seiya out on a date to an amusement park. That park was Amagi Brilliant Park, featuring worn-down attractions and lackluster service – the worst in Japan.

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