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English Dubbed Episodes of Mikagura School Suite Now Available to AnimeLab Premium Subscribers


When episodes of Mikagura School Suite were being streamed via Madman Entertainment’s AnimeLab video-on-demand service as they were first airing in Japan, fans only had the usual option of watching each episode with the original Japanese dub.

But with the series licensed by FUNimation Entertainment in North America, it was one of several series to receive the “Broadcast Dub” treatment. This meant that episodes were dubbed into English and made public weeks rather than months or years after initially screening in Japan.

Although the Australian anime publisher’s AnimeLab service does not include a good majority of currently available “Broadcast Dubs” (Although with the number of series rising), the team at Madman Entertainment have confirmed that English dubbed episodes of Mikagura School Suite are now available to watch for Premium subscribers. Episodes can be viewed HERE.

Available for $6.95 per month or $69.50 per year, AnimeLab premium gives users HD (Up to 1080p) and ad-free viewing to Madman Entertainment’s current AnimeLab catalogue. One of the perks with this service is that, where applicable, subscribers will have access to English and Japanese dubbed episodes. Free subscribers will still have access to all episodes of Mikagura School Suite in standard definition (Up to 480p) with the original Japanese dub.

AnimeLab Synopsis for Mikagura School Suite

From the studio behind Laughing Under the Clouds and Yuruyuri comes a high school fantasy unlike any other! Like most awkward teens, formerly reclusive gamer Eruna Ichinomiya struggles to find her place at Mikagura High School. But her experience is far from ordinary, as the mischief-making members of the school?s manga, calligraphy, drama, and other cultural clubs vie for total school domination in a rather extreme way-ULTIMATE ATTACKS.

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