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NIS America Also Re-Release Love Live! School Idol Project 1st Season’s Premium Edition


unnamed (1)Not only have Nippon Ichi Software America started off 2015 with The Eccentric Family, but have also begun distribution of Love Live! School Idol Project 1st Season‘s Premium Edition release in North America. To be more specific, this is actually their second run of the Premium Edition to keep up with demand, rather than what they would usually do by having fans who missed out wait for a standard edition release.

This series follows nine girls who form a school idol group to prevent their school from shutting down. But as they will soon learn, being a school idol might be hard work, but it will help to prepare them for the challenges that await them throughout life.

The traditional school Otonokizaka High is situated between the three towns of Akihabara, Kanda, and Jimbocho. This school is also in imminent danger of closing. Because of this crisis, the second year student Honoka Kosaka takes center stage with eight others to do something about it! “To protect the school we love so much, we have to do all we can… We have to become school idols! By becoming idols and advertising how great our school is to the world, more students will want to apply!”

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