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Madman Entertainment Unveil February 2015 Anime Release Slate


With a brand new month now upon us, the official website for Australian anime publisher Madman Entertainment has been updated to include all their upcoming anime, manga and other media releases in February 2015. After a fairly slow January which primarily consists of mainstream series, Madman are returning in the shortest month of the year with a wealth of promising titles.

A full list can be found below. Orders can be made via the Madman Entertainment website or your local retailer. With the exception of Wastelander Panda: Exile (4th Feb), all anime releases will be available beginning February 18th.


Wastelander Panda: Exile
Series | DVD | $29.95 | English Dub | 65 Minutes

One of the last remaining pandas in the Wasteland, Isaac has grown up with his family under the rule of the Tribe of Legion. Responsible for the violent death of a young girl, Isaac is banished to the savage world of the Wasteland, along with his mother and brother. 

Ep 1: On One’s Knees 
An inexcusable crime sees Isaac and his family banished from the safety of the Tribe of Legion and cast out into the Wasteland. 

Ep 2: Double Cross 
After joining the Helm Clan, a family of bounty hunters, Isaac claims a young girl for himself. But the Helm Clan has other ideas. 

Ep 3: The Deal 
Taken by the Helm Clan, Rose and Isaac must work together to free themselves from their captors. 

Ep 4: Pursuit 
Forced to flee through the treacherous Obsidian Woods with no supplies, Rose and Isaac are hotly pursued by the Helm Clan. 

Ep 5: A Rose Amongst Thorns 
After he is wounded, Rose must work quickly to save Isaac, but will she change her mind when she discovers his secret? 

Ep 6: Sacrifice 
After arriving home with Rose, Isaac and his family set off to re-join Legion but are confronted by the Helm Clan.

Dragon Ball Z Season 9
Series | Blu-ray | $59.95 | Hybrid Dub | 950 Minutes

In his quest to eliminate the remaining Z-Fighters, Majin Buu has cut a path of destruction across the face of the Earth, leaving a trail of devastation so utterly complete that it may even be beyond the power of the Dragon Balls to repair… 

With their efforts to stop Majin Buu quickly proving futile, the Z-Fighters have but one remaining hope against this seemingly invincible foe – the Fusion Technique! But for this desperate plan to succeed, Goku will have to join forces with his oldest rival, Vegeta! Can the combined efforts of these two mighty Saiyan warriors put a stop to Majin Buu once and for all? The final battle for the fate of the universe begins!

Fairy Tail Collection 14 (Episodes 154-164)
Series | DVD / Blu-ray | $59.95 for Either | Hybrid Dub | 275 Minutes

The Grand Magic Games is a yearly competition that pits guild against guild in a weeklong battle for the honour of being called the most powerful wizards in the Fiore Kingdom. Fairy Tail may have come in last place for the past seven tournaments, but now that all their strongest members are back in action – and leveled-up – they’re determined to take the number one spot and rebuild their reputation! 

Winning the games won’t be easy, though, as Natsu and his selected teammates are forced to navigate enchanted labyrinths, battle wizard saints, and go head-to-head with a host of familiar faces. But with more than one guild targeting Fairy Tail before the competition even begins, the guildmates will be lucky if they even make it out of the opening ceremonies alive.


Jormungand Complete Series Collection
Series | DVD/Blu-ray | $59.95 for Either | Hybrid Dub | 600 Minutes

Death is their business, and business is good. 

Jonah is a child soldier and the newest bodyguard for Koko, an international arms dealer with an entourage of hired guns. The cold-blooded kid hates Koko’s line of work, but following her into the darkest corners of the black market might be the only way he can find those responsible for his family’s slaughter. 

Besides, his employer isn’t like most merchants of death. She uses guile and cutthroat tactics to keep her clients armed to the teeth – all while cultivating her own warped plan for the future of world peace. With the CIA desperate for her capture, assassins eager to collect her head, and the potential for every contract to end in ultra-violence, Koko and her comrades in arms bring the boom to every corner of the world.

Kill la Kill Volume 3 (Episodes 10-14)
Series | DVD / Blu-ray | $29.95 / $34.95 | Hybrid Dub | 125 Minutes

As they enter the final stages of the great King of the Hill battle, Ryuko must face Uzu Sanageyama again after defeating the other three members of the Elite Four. But the combat is brought to a sudden halt when a mysterious girl clad in a gothic Lolita outfit and an eye patch suddenly appears. Her name is Nui Harime, and she claims to have killed Ryuko’s father, Dr. Matoi! Overcome by uncontrollable rage, Ryuko goes berserk and turns into a monster. Only Mako is able to knock some sense back into Ryuko, but not before Senketsu is cut into pieces by Nui. 

Meanwhile, Satsuki and the Elite Four commence their Tri-City Schools Raid Trip, a large-scale invasion of the regions yet to be conquered: Kobe, Kyoto, and Osaka. Ryuko learns that Senketsu’s pieces were being used in this campaign to test the new Goku uniforms. Now, Ryuko rides into a new battlefield to make Senketsu whole once again!

Naturo Shippuden the Movie: Road to Ninja
Film | DVD / Blu-ray | $24.95 / $29.95 | Hybrid Dub | 110 Minutes

Long ago, a masked shinobi unleashed the Nine-Tailed Fox onto the Village Hidden in the Leaves to spread chaos and destruction. But the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, and his wife, Kushina Uzumaki, sealed the Tailed Beast into their newborn son Naruto to save the village, foiling the shinobi’s plans. 

Years later, Naruto and his friends succeed in driving away the infamous Akatsuki, who have mysteriously returned from the dead. Upon returning to the village, the young shinobi are praised by their families for completing a dangerous mission. Reminded of how alone he is, Naruto begins to wonder what it’s like to have parents, when a strange masked figure appears before him – the same masked shinobi responsible for the death of his parents!


One Piece (Uncut) Collection 29 (Episodes 349-360)
Series | DVD | $49.95 | Hybrid Dub | 320 Minutes

Luffy’s impulsive attack on Gecko Moria ends up costing the rubber-man something he can’t live without – his shadow! When Zoro and Sanji find themselves in the same boat, the three fierce fighters must find a way to recapture what was lost, or face the possibility of death by sunlight. Luckily, their skeleton friend, Brook, knows the trick to defeating Moria’s zombie army, and he’ll gladly share the secret in exchange for a little help defeating a sinister zombie samurai! 

Meanwhile, Nami is kidnapped by an undead scoundrel who wants to make her his wife, and Usopp must rely on his natural state of negativity if he hopes to survive his encounter with a gothic Lolita and her ghostly minions. Hair-raising thrills are the story of the hour as the Straw Hats attempt to escape Thriller Bark with their shadows – and souls – intact!

Space Dandy Part 1 (Episodes 1-13)
Series | DVD/Blu-ray | $59.95/$64.95 | Hybrid Dub

Space Dandy is a dandy in space! This dreamy adventurer with a to-die-for pompadour travels across the galaxy in search of aliens no one has ever laid eyes on. Each new species he discovers earns him a hefty reward, but this dandy has to be quick on his feet because it’s first come – first served! Accompanied by his sidekicks, a rundown robot named QT and Meow the cat-looking space alien, Dandy bravely explores unknown worlds inhabited by a variety aliens. Join the best dressed alien hunter in all of space and time as he embarks on an adventure that ends at the edge of the

Yu-Sibu: I Couldn’t Become a Hero, so I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job. Series Collection
Series | DVD | $59.95 | Japanese Dub | 300 Minutes

Raul Chaser never wanted to work in retail, but when the war against the Demons ended unexpectedly, the Hero Training Program he was in shut down. But although combat-trained Raul may feel out of place dealing with customers in a department store instead of dealing out death with hardened steel, his newest co-worker’s culture shock is even worse. While Fino Bloodstone is ready, eager, and willing to please, she’s also the daughter of the now-deceased Demon King!

Not only are her social skills a little challenged, but it’s going to be up to Raul and the staff to teach her the finer points of the human concept of a “pleasant shopping experience”… not to mention when it’s proper to wear what kind of clothes and whose bed you can sleep in. And they’ll have to do it quick, because there’s a sinister major retail chain moving into the area with plans for global domination.

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