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35 Hours Remain in Santa Company Kickstarter Campaign


I am a huge fan of Christmas animations, and with the Kickstarter campaign for Kenji Studio / Tag International’s upcoming anime project Santa Company passing the $50,000 pledge goal it seems like there will be a new addition to my watch list starting next year.

With only $65,266 raised as of this post going live, it doesn’t seem like any of the stretch goals will be met. However there is still 35 Hours remaining on the clock to pledge your funds to one of the many pledge tiers on offer. For just $10 you will be able to get a 420p download of the finalized film (Set to be available from December 2014), with the tiers going up to the first DVD / Blu-ray release at $59 and beyond.


Santa Company is an international large company that consists of three departments: Santa Dept., Reindeer Dept. and Gift department.

Except during Christmas season, Santa Dept. protects the safety of residences as the largest home-security organization in the world. It might be easier for you to imagine Santa Dept. is like ADT. Its workers, Santa Clauses, normally secure the safety of each home, so they can sneak into houses and know the shortest routes to the children’s rooms. Of course, they do that only when they receive requests from parents.

Reindeer Dept. usually breeds and educates reindeers. Also it provides navigation services. It’s like Garmin, I guess. It navigates on a daily basis so that it can take Santa Clauses to their destination for without any trouble.

Gift Dept. is in charge of product sales and delivery business. More simply put, it’s like Amazon. It has giant warehouses and sells various toys, so it can easily prepare, pack, and deliver gifts during Christmas season. It provides delivery of Christmas gifts only when it receives the requests from parents.

And only once a year, these three departments work together and use their expertise to safely deliver Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve!


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