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Sentai Filmworks Acquire Rights to Infinite Stratos 2


Sentai Filmworks have proclaimed that the “high-flying fan favorite” is back, with their acquisition of Infinite Stratos 2. Serving as a sequel to the original season, it features direction by Yasuhito Kikuchi, character designs by Kumi Horii (Student Council’s Discretion) with sound direction by Toshihiko Nakajima (Infinite Stratos, Devil May Cry) and music by Hikaru Nanase (Infinite Stratos, Canaan).

Infinite Stratos 2 is now available via North American digital outlets (May be region locked to those outside the US) and will receive a home video release sometime in 2014.

There are probably worse things that could have happened to Ichika Orimura besides being the first male on the planet capable of operating an Infinite Stratos powered exoskeleton.  Then again, being the only guy in an academy filled with highly competitive, boy-crazed teenage girls equipped with giant robots and excessive amounts of combat training definitely qualifies as hazardous duty!  It was bad enough becoming the focus of a rivalry between his childhood friends Lingyin and Houki, but when British and German pilots Cecillia and Laura joined in the melee he barely escaped with his dignity intact.  And when the new French “dude,” Charles, turned out to be a Charlotte, Ichika’s hands were filled with a roommate whose disguise slipped off at the least convenient times.  But surely, by now, Ichika’s finally put all his girl troubles behind him, right?  Oh don’t be ridiculous.  None of the femme fatales in his life have canceled their conquest scenarios; there’s double trouble arriving in the form of the Sarashiki sisters; and the rest of the school is still waiting in line to take their shot as the mecha maiden mayhem continues in INFINITE STRATOS 2!

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