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Angel Beats to See Future Release as a Video Game / Visual Novel


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While just what we can expect from the title is yet to be formally confirmed, the latest issue of Dengeki G’s Magazine notes that a video game and/or visual novel adaptation of the 2010 anime series¬†Angel Beats! has been green lit for development. While it has never seen a release as a visual novel before, the series featured a number of members of from the studio KEY (Little Busters!, Kanon, Clannad) take part including the original concept / writing by Jun Maeda and character designs by Na-Ga.

Angel Beats! follows Otonashi Yuzuru, who suffering from amnesia wakes up in the middle of an afterlife high school and led to join a group rebelling against Angel and in turn… “God” himself. He is joined by leader of the¬†Shinda Sekai Sensen (SSS) Yuri, its members and later members as he searches for his memories and the reason why he passed away in the first place.

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