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Sentai Filmworks Announce English Dub for Kokoro Connect



Following their recent “Guess the Voice Cast” content they held, North American anime publisher Sentai Filmworks have announced the English voice cast for Kokoro Connect, set for release in the region on the 22nd October 2013. Australian publisher Hanabee have confirmed that they will be publishing it in their region during December 2013.

ADR Director: Christopher Ayres

English Vocal Cast

Taichi Yaegashi                          Greg Ayres

Iori Nagase                                Monica Rial

Himeko Inaba                            Luci Christian

Yui Kiriyama                               Emily Neves

Aoki Yoshifumi                           Clint Bickham


Maiko Fujishima                          Carli Mosier

Ryuzen Goto                              David Matranga

Rina Yaegashi                            Brittney Karbowski

Anzu Kiriyama                            Tiffany Terrell

Reika Nagase                             Molly Searcy

Inaba’s Brother                          Christopher Ayres

Yoshifumi’s Dad                          Brent Marshall

Additional Voices                        Hayley Adams

Christopher Ayres

Shannon Emerick

Brittney Karbowski

Mark X Laskowski

Connor Leach

Margaret McDonald

Brent Marshall

Carli Mosier

Molly Searcy


The five members of the Student Cultural Society (or STUCS for short) that meets in class 401 have spent a lot of time wondering what it would be like to be in someone else’s shoes.  But they’re about to learn that there’s a huge  difference between thinking about something and  literally BEING in someone else’s shoes!  Because that’s exactly what happens when, suddenly and inexplicably, they each find themselves inside the body of the girl (or boy) next door! 

What happens next?  Well, besides bringing a whole new meaning to the term “Exchange Student” and the expected freaked out runs to the bathroom, it’s not hard to do the math:  Take one wrestling geek, the resident cool girl, the class clown, the popular chick and one sultry girl of mystery, scramble thoroughly and divide, and you can bet that pretty soon they’ll be answering ALL of the questions they never wanted to know about the opposite sex in ways they never anticipated!  Get ready for the wildest game of musical bodies ever as Taichi, Himeko, Yoshifumi, Yui and Iori have to survive seeing the world through each others’ eyes in: KOKORO CONNECT!

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