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Hanabee Adds La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia to Their First-2014 Anime Release Slate


In their latest update video, Karen Pak from Australian anime publisher Hanabee Entertainment have announced another title to be added to their first 2014 (8th January 2014) anime release slate.

This latest acquisition is for La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia, the 2012 anime adaptation of the 2011 PSP otome visual novel in Japan. This title is set in the world of the Italian mafia, combining both action and romance elements. The series is directed by Chiaki Kon (Of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni acclaim) and features composition by Masanao Akahoshi (A Certain Magical Index).

To be released on both DVD and Blu-ray formats, this title will feature all 12 episodes in the series with both the original Japanese dub and the brand new English dub produced by North American licensor Sentai Filmworks.

It’s an all out battle for her hand in marriage!

Felicita has had her hand in marriage unwillingly brought to the table to determine the future heir of the family. Not only does she have no choice in husband, it seems her suitors must come from the family itself! But Felicita is not going down without a fight.

As the head of the Swords Division, Felicita has decided that she will win herself back and claim the title that is rightfully hers. Although it might be easier said than done when your family is Italian mafia, and working with guns and knives is just a simple way of life.

It’s now a race against family to determine who wins, and Felicita is placing all bets on herself. Let the battle begin!

Update: Seems to have been a discrepancy between press release and announcement. This title is set for release in January 2014.

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